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Ownership & funding information

Ownership & funding information The News Field would like to inform you that We have a strict policy to not accept donations, investment, or grants from a political party or any individual leader representing a political party as has also been specified in Our Ownership and Funding Disclosure policy and this is further elucidated in this Non-Partisanship Policy.

As a digital media platform, We strive to achieve the highest standard of journalism. In pursuance of the same, We have a clear and strict policy to not take donations, investments, or grants from a political party or any individual leader representing a political party.

We have a stringent policy for Our employees across all teams to not be part of any political party, think tanks associated with political parties, advocacy groups, or NGOs affiliated with political parties.

Employees are not allowed to support even independent political candidates which might put question marks on the credibility of the individual or the organization.

Employees are expected to not be partisan while expressing their political views in public and that is reflected through Our social media policy which is applicable to not just the editorial team but everyone part of The News Ocean.

Disciplinary actions including those in accordance with Our internal Employees’ Policies are taken in case of violation depending on the impact of the act.

The news field is a registered News Portal by the laws of INDIA

Our full registered address is HOUSE NO 02, SNO 193 3, JALGAON ROAD, GURUDATTA HOUSING SOCIETY, AURANGABAD (CB), Maharashtra Pin Code 411001

The Editor- In- Chief of the “The News Field” is Yogesh Kale

The News field is the owner of the Facebook Page The News field, The Twitter account The News field, and the YouTube Channel The News field.

The News field is the sole owner of the lists of signed-up Unity News Subscribers of both Facebook chat subscribers and registered e-mail subscribers.

We utilize a number of advertising providers for display ads throughout our website and on YouTube.

We comply fully with the company laws of India and as such full accounting procedures are in place. We also comply fully with GDPR laws on data privacy and are open and transparent about any data we hold. If you have any questions related to the above please e-mail us at  [email protected]